I find that when I read a PDF document on my computer I like to take notes. Sometimes I get really lazy and just copy and paste chunks of text into a text file for future reference. But just a moment ago I tried to copy a bit of text and it said I needed a password! I didn’t want to type up a whole page of content so what I did was hit command + p on my Mac (or for Windows ctrl + p) and then under the “PDF” drop down menu clicked “Save as PDF…”

Also, if you want to save the PDF document in a non-password protected format so you don’t have to type in a password every time you open it “Save as PDF…” works well for that too.

For you Windows users reading this you have the same option; I believe it’s called “Print to file” or “Save Page as PDF” – this option should be present after hitting ctrl + p. I may be wrong about this though and you might have to download a 3rd-party application such as PDF Creator.

There you go, short and sweet.

Last modified: October 21, 2009